Help, My site can't be reached

my site can’t be reached since joining cloudfare and ssl certificate is not secure.

I join cloudfare and subscribe to ssl certificate on friday and when i connect to my ssl certificate in my domain/hosting the website still not secure. After that, was planning to fix it today which is monday, the site can’t be reach. can you help me please

thank you

Was your SSL certificate secure before you added your site to Cloudflare?

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Not sure, but i just follow step by step on adding my site to cloudflare in youtube. when i added the SSL certs the website still not secured. then after few days not open the website, yesterday when open it it said cant be reached.

my website can be reach now, but its still not secure.

Where did you add this? In your host’s dashboard, or was it in your Cloudflare account? Which SSL/TLS mode are you using here?

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In my Cloudflare account and using Flexible mode

In that case, you really don’t have an SSL certificate. You need to ask your host to set one up for you. Cloudflare can generate one if your host will let you install it.

Alright thank you!, it looks like my website is secure now.

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