[HELP] My New Host Is Not Supporting Cloudflare!

I have already started domain transfer process, my domain is being transferred to cloudflare registrar. Whenever I go to my hosting support they say "we don’t support third party CDN’’. They tell me to change the nameservers to their host. My first question is “can i use their nameserver when the domain transfer gets completed in Cloudflare free plan?” I mean can I use Cloudflare registrar like any other registrar in which I can change nameservers? Can i use Cloudflare registrar service only and not cloudflare DNS service?

The problem with my website that I faced was, My website was working fine for few days as i was pointing to my new host by adding IP address in Cloudflare DNS. But today my website redirected to some other website(unknow) that’s why i contacted my hosting support. They told me it is due to cloudflare and will be fixed once you point your nameservers to our host. I am on shared hosting plan. I have shared these details with you if you can find the exact fault. What i think is that their hosting is misfigured because my website is working fine if i change the IP address to my OLD HOST in Cloudflare Dns. But when i change IP to new host, my website redirects to another unknown website ( which is also on their server)

Thanks in advance for helping out.

No. Cloudflare Registrar does not let you change the name servers.

That sounds like your old hosting account hasn’t been deactivated.

You may be stuck here if your new host won’t cooperate with your DNS settings here. Will they even tell you the new IP address of your site?

I got the solution. I changed proxy status to DNS only and it worked. Now the domain is not redirecting to another website. Problem is solved. Thanks.


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