HELP: my hosting is NOT my regsitrar

Hello everybody!

I have a very particular situation that I’m strugling to solve.
I have my domain registered in one registrar BUT my hosting is hosted on a different server.
Basically, what I want to do is:
registrar with cloudflare DNS -> web hosting
I can modify the DNS in the registrar but from that point how can I tell to cloudflare where to find the hosted pages?

Thank you very much for any kind of help!

Does your domain already point to your server? If so, when you add it Cloudflare should automatically import the right DNS entries. If it doesnt, you’ll have to set it up manually.

I did this:
I went into the registrar, cancelled the web hosting DNS 1 & 2 and wrote the ones of Cloudflare.
But in the Cloudflare panel was stuck in “pending name server”.
How can I set it up manually in case?

Have you done this after having added your domain to Cloudflare?

I signed up on cloudflare, added the website and followed the instructions

Then Cloudflare should have imported everything and the records should show up on your DNS screen.

Apparently it got fixed by restoring its original DNS and changing them back again, but however even if I’ve installed the WP plugin for cloudflare it’s still not getting the https/SSL certificate.

The plugin is unrelated to any certificate. The certificate, you need to install manually on your server. And no, the proxy certificate on Cloudflare’s side is not enough.

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