Help me understand the pricing please!

I’m looking at the “Free, Pro, Business” and from what I understand the difference is in the feature set and level of protection.

What I’m struggling to understand is about the number of domains.

As an example, say if I had 20 existing domains (with different registrars).

And I then set Cloudflare as the name servers for those 20 domains, do I pay extra for each domain?

example taking the “Pro” tier that is $20/month how many custom domains does that include? because this is not mentioned anyway?

Per domain

Eg: Pro = $20 Pro = $20 Free = $0 Pro = $20

Total $60 per month

I am unaware of a subdomain limit per domain (if there is one I’ve not reached it and have hundreds of subdomains on some domains)
So Pro on also pays for and etc…



and I assume this rule also applies for the other tier, e.g Business is $200/month so therefore it would be $200/month PER domain?

So also for the free tier how many domains can you add (while still being free, I understand it doesn’t have the same features as the paid tiers)?

Yes the same for all packages

You can have (far as Im aware) unlimited Free domains.

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perfect thanks whistles that all makes sense now!


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