Help me turn off DNSSEC on the domain

Please help me sir admin Cloudflare I have removed DNSSEC from my Domain and but in Cloudflare it has not been removed

Is it still not updated, 2 days later? If you just turned it off, it may take a while for Cloudflare to see the change, I wouldn’t expect it to instantly update/recheck.

It’s completely harmless eitherway, for Cloudflare/your DNS to be serving signed records and DNSKEY records, if your registrar doesn’t have any dnssec set. It’s only an issue if you have to enabled at your registrar and your DNS server isn’t signing/isn’t signing using the expected keys. It’s not optimially using DNSSEC/secure, but Resolvers have no issues with it, nothing to verify:

DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool.

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I turned off DNSSEC the day before yesterday sir :slight_smile:

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