Help me to fix SSL Error

Hii Cloudflare Community

I had linked my website: successfully with Cloudflare also linked the SSL and its working fine till the last min but now when i try to open my site it show this error so could you guys can help me to fix?

You probably dont have a valid certificate on your server. Fix that and make sure your server is properly configured.

but Cloudflare is showing its active

Thats the certificate on Cloudflare. You need one on your server too.

what do you mean?

You need a certificate on your server.

You mean host?

Of course.

Im confuse I have to get a ssl for hosting company?

I had changed all the name servers and all

Changing nameservers doesnt do anything to SSL on your server. Do you have a certificate on your server? Whats your server IP address?

idk where do I will get?

Please contact your host and make sure you have a valid certificate on your server.

Well Im seeing my website is fine working in others browsers and me personally i saw in Tor that its works its showing a perfect ssl

Yes, thats Cloudflare’s certificate, not your server’s and that means your server is still insecure.

But if you are fine with an insecure setup it certainly is okay with me.

The hosting i use is a free hosting

Free, paid, concubine hosting - it doesnt matter.

You need a certificate on your server or your site is not secure. It is as simple as that.

so could you send me any guide to setup that?

That is a question for your host.

now look this when I had used a VPN its showing the perfect ssl.