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Hello! Hope I posted in the right place. I’m sure solving those issues will seem effortless to you, but I’m new and I just don’t want to mess anything up. Please help me fix those issues and speed up my website. Is it normal for the waiting time on my url to be so big? Sry for the weird image, couldn’t post more than one image so had to combine the screenshots.

Looking at the picture information, the opening speed of your website is OK. The problem that affects the opening speed is that you call a third-party resource. The opening speed of these resources is too slow during the test (may be the reason for the slow test server). You can change these resource connections. Use the one that opens faster.

Could u help me fix the stuff on the YSlow page?

You mainly solve the four out-of-site connection resources of the first picture score E, switch back to the local and try, or use other faster.

That YSlow score has very little to do with normal website visitors. The Expires Headers only affects browser caching, and that just helps with return visits. Only rocket-loader comes from your Cloudflare account, but that comes from the edge node, so it already loads as fast as possible.

The Cookie-Free warning is typical from GTMetrix/YSlow, but Cloudflare cookies don’t affect site performance.

I see that you’re using Autoptimize. If that is properly configured, then you don’t need Rocket Loader. You can disable it on the Speed -> Optimizations settings page.

As for the 1.24 seconds of loading time for / (your main page’s HTML), that’s Cloudflare waiting for your server to deliver the content. It looks like you’re running WP Fastest Cache, so that’s likely as fast as your server can respond to the request.

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