Help me secure my links using cloudflare workers

Hello all:
I have a website that provide downloadable contents to users.
For now i made my download link secure on php level, but these links in not cached by Cloudflare because the download link is unique per each user.
I would like to take the benefit of Cloudflare cache feature to cache that files and reduce my bandwidth usage.
I thought i should go with cloudfalre+workers, and i found this tutorial:

There is too many points i didn’t get in that tutorial and i need some one to take me step by step and how to make this working.
Supposing that download link is some thing like this:

Thanks in advnce.

Hey @freestream - sorry to hear you had issues with that page! Can you share what issues you’re running into so we can help? Thanks!

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Hi @signalnerve , thanks for kind reply.

I manage to get the secure links worked at last.

But i face a new problem.

The asset i provide for download is for audience some where that have a bad internet connection. and when i use the fetch feature on Cloudflare worker i found that the generated link is unresumable.

This will lead to start download from the beginning which is very bad for visitor.

Any solution for this problem?