Help me Please with dns

Hello guys im with cloudflare registrar and i don’t knoz how to configurre i tried but ive got many problem , so when i put my dfomain under dns , when i share a post on fb and twitter they don’t shows thumbnail


I don’t think that’s a DNS problem. Others have had the same issue:

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Hotlink are not enabled so what can do ? please check the image and tell me if the configuration are correct please

Your site works from www or just the domain name, so it’s not a DNS problem.

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So everything is fine in the dashboard except dns not activated on my www domain ,if I acrivate it will not shown thumbnails another thing , im using Wp Rocket cache plugin with cloudflare api but this don’t show im on cdn so i don’t know this stuff

Hi Guys I’ve Fixed this issue by DISABLING TLS 1.3 this is why when i Share my post dont show thumbnails … Thanks guys


Just that? Did you have to make any changes to your Minimum TLS Version setting?

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I remember two month ago I changed to TLS 1.3 activated it , but I didnt notice the changement until i check my twitter I found all my tweets and fb post are without thumbnails

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