Help me please! SSL problem

Hi, everyone
Please help me I’m trying to make my site secure
I signed up for CLOUDFLARE
I changed the nameservers
And I installed the CLOUDFLARE plug
I’m building a website on WORDPRESS

But I still do not have a secure mark and the certificate is not up to date

I tried some youtube videos but it seems to me it just complicated me

I got stuck in the process of copying the private code and the code of the certificate

I tried everything and I failed
I’m been sitting on this for two days now

Many thanks to the helpers

This has to be handled at your host. If your host won’t add an SSL certficiate, hopefully they’ll let you upload one from Cloudflare:

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Thanks for your response
I tried it and it did not help

Can you help me?
And can you do it for me?
I’m pretty new to the field

If your host have options for custom SSL then put this code right there and switch to full strict in cloudflare also change wordpress url to https, that should work :success:

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I’ll try it
I just deleted my entire site from CLOUDFLARE
I re-signed up again
In the meantime my site has crashed :frowning:

It’s probably ssl misconfigeration 🤷

The website host is supposed to take care of this.


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