Help me please my site is down!


Please help me. I’m not a web developer or designer or anything like that. I migrated our business website here when our website manager left our business (not in a good way), and I thought it was all resolved and it’s been working great but it has disappeared. Please please if there’s anyone out there please help me!!!


Could you post your domain here?

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Keep in mind that Cloudflare isn’t a website host. Your files still need to be hosted on a server at a hosting service.



Does the IP address for your website in the Cloudflare DNS page end with .128? That’s the last public record I could find for your website, hosted at Media Temple.

Do you still have access to the files for your website? Following your link, the server looks like your site is no longer available.


Yeah, our website designer quit on us, and I ended up taking over this website with NO experience whatsoever. I migrated it to cloudflare, thinking they host websites but obviously that is not the case. NO flipping idea what I’m doing. I’m having a friend help
me right now, hoping and praying to God that we can resolve it. I do have the files to the website, so that’s the one thing I’m riding on right now.

Any ideas you have for me would be so appreciated!

thank you,



Go to the Cloudflare Dashboard > DNS tab. There should be one or two A Record’s and they need to be pointed to the IP address of your hosting account.

Type A
Value Your sites IP Address

Type A
Value Your sites IP Address


If the hosting wasn’t on an account you control, you need to sign up for hosting right away.

Do you have control over the domain registration at GoDaddy?

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Good point. changing passwords the previous employee had access to might be a good idea.

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@jill_zamoyta, the best advice would probably be to hire someone for that job.

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