Help me please - my site goes down after activating ssl with cloudflare

Try setting SSL to Full (not strict). And when you get the opportunity, get a better host.

Example #1: Their tech support is ignorant or deceptive.

Example #2: Their help desk won’t help configure your site.

Example #4 : They don’t offer free SSL like Bluehost and Siteground do.

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the guy from godaddy told me to make this

And then what? That would still not get you a certificate.

For the Nth time, talk to your host and get a certificate on your server. Only then you will have a site that is working on SSL.

so cloudflare does give free SSL ??

Hang on…if you were able to add a self-signed certificate, why not a Cloudflare origin certificate? Then you can use Full (Strict), which is the right way to do it. This document shows you how to add one to GoDaddy’s cPanel:

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No it does not and the search (which I mentioned two weeks ago) would have clarified this as well.

Again and again, talk to your host and get a certificate. Until then you won’t have SSL.

so Cloudflare doesn’t offre a free SSL right ?

Ehm, are you reading any of my responses?

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okaay i’ll try this

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Yess of course i read them all thanks a lot

Thanks guys i will try everthing you told me if it didn’t word i will move to bluehost .

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Then why don’t you already have a valid certificate on your server?

can you check my ssl now ?
i download it by myself

Yes, now an Origin certificate is in place.

thanks but my site still bot secure, what did i missed

Did you search for the warning message you got in the browser?

what message sir ?

The message that your browser showed when it warned you about mixed content.

yes sir i did it using a tool on wp named Better Search Replace it change all http to https