Help me please - my site goes down after activating ssl with cloudflare

I wanted a free ssl so I use cloudflare to make it.
my hosting was godady.
I see that my site now is down i contacted godaddy and the told me they can do nothing because now my site is hosted here.
the ip address is already in the cloudflare

Cloudflare does not provide SSL if you don’t have it already on your server in the first place.

You need to talk to your host to get a proper certificate there.

As long as you do not have a valid certificate on your server, your site cannot be secure.

but what this do with my site because my site now is down ?

Because the whole connection is broken right now.

Again, install a certificate, then we can take it from there.

how can i do i please ?

The search here will have plenty on that as that topic comes up dozens of times a day, but people don’t care to use the search :wink:

Either get a Cloudflare Origin certificate or a Lets Encrypt one, then configure that on your server or talk to your host if you need assistance.

Hello guys i bought a domain with hosting from go daddy, i did everything i need to do properly.
I can see that my certificate is active + everything is set good https on + on my wordpress I have flexible ssl by cloudflare + I added a proxy statue with DNS only (as goddady support told me) so I think everthing is good but still i cant see that my site in HTTPS
my site

hello guys can u know how to contact cloudflare with an email
anyone who has there email ? i’ve already tried with an email but they havent answer me yet help me please

We are going a bit in circles. I addressed this already a week ago. You need a certificate on your server. Period.

here is it but i still can see it

Do you have a certificate now installed on your server or not?

yess sir

On your server for Christ’s sake!

No, you don’t have a certificate on your server.

$ openssl s_client -connect [SERVERIP]:443 -servername
depth=0 CN =
verify error:num=18:self signed certificate

As I said two weeks ago, contact your host and get a proper certificate on your server.

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But i’ve already did the same process and i got it
with another old site, i dont really want to buy it because am just testing on this site

If there was a valid certificate it wouldn’t say “self signed”. I am really not sure what we are discussing here as you were already told two weeks ago to contact your host. What have you done in the meantime?

i contacted them and they told me that they had nothings to do, except if i bought it

Then either buy it or configure a free one. Bottom line you need a certificate on your server.