HELP-ME (payment and errors)


I have 2 tickets in 2 accounts differents, both billings problems. HELP-ME. All errors attached in the tickets.

I have been waiting for the correction on my account for payment for 4 days. I just want to make payments for my domains. Can someone from cloudflare analyze the case? After all, even trying to insert the credit card a message is displayed. ticket: #3176517

I’ve been waiting for the correction for 4 days. In this case, the card is in the account, but when I try to make the payment, it says that there is an open billing, even with the billing menu reset and all items paid. I can’t even rehire the pro plans for my domains - ticket #3176342


Our billing specialist is looking into the both tickets ( #3176517 & ticket #3176342 ).
They will provide you with an update through the ticket.

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Any answer about this?

Answers about the problem? 4 days waiting for fix, anda waiting.

Could you help me too? The same problem, or the card it’s not updated or in another ticket, the credit card showing the error. 4 days waiting this fix. Help-me.

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