HELP ME! My domain was removed without my permission!

Hello, I have a problem! Someone deleted my domain without my permission. I did not receive an email with the domain being removed nor the IP sign in. Yes, this was deleted from an IP address I don’t recognize! What do I do next!? Should I change my password? I haven’t given my password to anyone else! P.S: A screenshot of the audit log is below.
IP address, email address and domain have been blacked out for privacy reasons

I hope to get a reply ASAP!

Hi @AppleSlayer,

the user IP address seems to be which is localhost. Did that zone have any alerts active prior to deletion?


No, I don’t think so

That IP usually appears when Cloudflare’s systems do act on you domain, the most noble case is purging an inactive zone, that has been there for 7+ days. I would assume there is an email in you inbox (multiple, probably) telling you the zone has been deactivated.

No, nothing. I got an {Action required} email about 2 days before this I think. But as I said “I did not receive an email”

What might that e-mail say? Would you mind sharing a screenshot (do not share sensitive details)?

The zone in question was deleted because it had never been activated and after ~ 30 days a pending zone whose nameservers have not been changed to the Cloudflare pair provided is removed.


Oh! Why did it do that?

That was the email I mentioned. It was telling you to activate the zone.

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For this reason.

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