Help me i want to know if my website cached with Cloudflare

Hello can any help me with this question can any see if my website its cached by cloudflare or not? link

As far as I can tell it seems to be. To check yourself open the Developer’s Tools and look for the cf-cache-status headers. If it appears and shows HIT it is cached at the local edge (and will be after the first request in each of the others.

Hello can any help me to tell me if my website its cached by cloudflare or no?

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i dont know how can you help me with this? when i am start check with cmd curl -svo /dev/null i am get this results
< X-Powered-By: PHP/7.3.5
< Vary: Accept-Encoding
< Cache-Control: max-age=2592000
< Expires: Wed, 19 Jun 2019 21:56:09 GMT
< MS-Author-Via: DAV
< X-Powered-By: PleskLin
< Expect-CT: max-age=604800, report-uri=“”
< Server: cloudflare
< CF-RAY: 4da18f16b9449e37-ATH

You are requesting an HTML file, by default those aren’t cached. You need to enable Cache Everything via a Page Rule. Use all other resources (JS, CSS, images…)

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i create the rule and now i am getting CF-Cache-Status: EXPIRED

It can happen, redo a request. The first request is the one that refreshes it.

Also, the second rule can be substituted by the switch in the Crypto tab.

thank you for your help its looks like was fixed i have 1 more question why when i am run curl -svo /dev/null its Cache-Control: Hit
and when write with out https:// just curl -svo /dev/null kwloxaneio,gr show Cache-Control: max-age=3600

Wait, I didn’t understand that…

when i am run to cmd the command curl -svo /dev/null its Cache-Control: Hit

when i am run to cmd the command curl -svo /dev/null its Cache-Control : max-age=3600

If you do not include the https:// in front it will go to the http:// version, returning a 301 (edit the permanent redirect) which doesn’t have those headers, since it’s not a file. It can be server directly by Cloudflare if the setup is just like yours with the Always Use HTTPS toggle to on.

Thank you really you learn me so much my last question it is what the different when result Cache-Control: Hit vs Cache-Control: max-age=2592000 and if i have to make any change?

Let’s split things up a bit.

  1. cf-cache-status is Cloudflare’s header for saying what the caching in it’s edge node was.
  2. cache-control is a header set by your server to indicate to all subsequent handlers (proxies, CDNs, browsers, etc.) how to handle the caching of that resource.

Since the topic of 2. is quite extensive, read here:

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Grazie matteo have a good day i learned usefull things


Hello again this page rule Cache level : Cache everything make me problem Home page does not update unless if i delete the page rule so he make me problem for new post not appear any solution? to have and Cache-Control: Hit and new post to appear?

If you install and activate the optional Cloudflare Plugin, you can set Automatic Cache Management on and it will purge the cache whenever you update your content, and purge everything when you change the theme or certain plugins.


thank you for your reply if i install the plugin i have every time that i make a new post to purge manually?

No. It’s automatic.

thank you i will try it