Help Me for my email problem

My email is not working after switching my website to Cloudflare. For example, if someone writes something to me on the contact page, the autoresponder mail that I have set is not going. Mail delivery is showing failure. This is happening right after Cloudflare was added to my website.
My DNS record pages screenshot:

Please help me to solve this out!

Your mail record must be unproxied :grey:

Cloudflare does not proxy Mail-Traffic so the Mail Record needs to be unproxied for the other Mailservers be able to connect.

Also your FTP Record needs to be unproxied to be able to transfer files over it. Cloudflare doesnt proxy FTP either

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Now is this okay?

This should work now

The problem still has. :unamused:

How do you send email from your code? It’s probably a DNS issue where your code connect to your IP address to send email which is broken now. So in your code, in server address, try to change it to your IP directly