Help me fix Couldfare connect to Vaultpress again

I recently had a problem with backing up data from Vaultpress. And I sent support requests to them, did they tell me the following:
"Reach out to your webhost to first make sure that VaultPress is not getting blocked or limited or is prevented from increasingly your xmlrpc.php file. They can check their error logs for 403 errors to see exactly what’s happening. For the best results, you could also have them whitelist the VaultPress IP ranges noted on this page: "
Please help me fix this my problem
Thank you very much

If it looks good at your host, check the Firewall Log in the Cloudflare Dashboard. It will show firewall events, so it may be there. Just in case, you can whitelist those IP addresses as well in Firewall -> Tools

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Thank you for reply me. I had add them in whitelist in Firewall, but my vaultpress still not working.

Dear CloudFlare,
Please help me!!!
I have problem with my website, it’s cannot backup by Vaultpress, maybe Cloudflare block IP from Vaultpress
“recommend reaching out directly to Cloudflare support and asking them to whitelist VaultPress for you. They will know how to open the entire IP range correctly.”

For details on the IP range used by VaultPress, please see “Whitelist VaultPress IP Ranges to prevent blocking” on this page:" my vaultpress said
Please help me fix it, To working ok
Many Thank You

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