Help me and my clients with instructions on the steps for SAAS to connect domains?

Good afternoon! Please help.
For today I have an application built on
The application has an address .
This application is directed to the addresses of the record “A” and and works with the domain
How do I configure the system so that my client can use white label on his domain ?
What records and what actions should I take?

All the instructions are here:

checkedu should not be using “A” records. It should CNAME to this CNAME:

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but it might even be possible to CNAME to the fallback origin itself.

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I did it. I should be able to open my website on ? Is this true?

Ah, now I see. isn’t yours.

If you need other domains to connect to Bubble, you’re going to have to ask them for instructions on how to do this.

They just gave IP addresses for A records. Will it be possible to configure in this case? We have already tried many options. But to no avail.

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