HELP ME! A site that is registered with cloudflare is malicious!

HELP ME, the site is infected with malware!

It’s NOT my site but it has A LOT of malware!

This site needs to show a malicious page warning (the cloudflare malicious page warning)!

I’ve sent an abuse form what’s next?

I think the form lets you know Trust and Safety will take a look at it and maybe get back to you. But it’s out of your hands now.

Yes but what if it IS found as malware? And not a false-positive?

Then Trust and Safety won’t take action.

Ok you likely misread my previous message what if the IS found to be malicious and NOT A FALSE POSITIVE!

Then there will be a huge warning and the user will need to click past it to enter the website

A huge warning? Like what? What will it look like?

Actually, I haven’t seen the malware one, I was thinking of the phishing one (this)

I assume the malware one would be something similar, but I guess I don’t know for sure

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