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Good Day folks, I am a newbie and here and also very new to Wordpress. I built my site over a week ago and using gtmetrix and pingdom to test my site, I noticed many things that were likely slowing my site down.

I decided to sign up to cloudflare and change some settings. I kept digging to find out how to tweak and optimize everything.

Today I cannot login to my site after making tweaks. Originally for a few hours I could login to my site without the www but now nothing at all.

I contacted my host Bluehost for help and they informed me IIf you want the website to be managed by us then you will have to contact the CloudFlare and update the A record to

Kindly contact the Nameserver provider CloudFlare and tell them to point the A record to It will take 4 - 12 hours propagation time for the A record to be updated.

I did this with Cloudflare by using the help section and creating a ticket. Nothing has happened and no response.

Does anyone know where I go from here or what I should do? I am not tech savvy and can’t login to my Wordpress to edit or change anything.

Thanks in advance.


Did you add any Page Rules? Certain page rules interfere with Wordpress’ normal operations.

What happens when you try to log in? What’s the domain?


Hey I did set up some rules such as always use https and 301 permanent redirect. I have since shut off the 301 redirect and my site is working again but it’s slow. is my site

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