Help! Just moved my hosting account!

Hi, I’m a newbie and need to move my SSL to the new host. Do I delete the current account and create a new one? Any help would be appreciated.


No. The only thing that changes when you move to a new host are your DNS records. You’ll have to check your DNS records at Cloudflare to make sure they point to the new host. Cloudflare’s SSL doesn’t change.

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Thank you for your assistance, I didn’t set up the account that I have with Cloudflare so I am not familiar where the setting are to change. Can you help me find the right place to change the NS settings to point to the new host?

I have attached an image of Cloudflare’s interface.

Your new host should have a DNS page that looks a lot like the Cloudflare one. But with different IP addresses for the host names.

If everything (website and email) are at the new host, you’ll need exactly the same listings as the new host. And get rid of anything not listed at the new host.

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