Help is configuring Domain forwarding using Cloudflare

I have the domain set up in Cloudflare using the CF nameservers. An custom email address is also set up in the Cloudflare domain admin and working correctly.

Looking to forward the domain over to a new page on a different domain:

Followed these directions in Cloudflare community tutorial post /redirecting-one-domain-to-another/81960

In DNS settings for the domain, I have an @ and www A record pointing to a dummy IP. A www CNAME from the original domain set up was deleted.

In Page Rules, a forward was set up using a wildcard rule.

With all this set up, the domain does not forward as expected. Doing a DNS lookup shows the domain resolves to Cloudflare, but still passes through and hits the original BigCommerce server rather than the new domain forward. What is missing?

BigCommerce uses Cloudflare.

Your hostname is probably still active in the BigCommerce Cloudflare account. You can contact them or have a shot at fixing it yourself using the Liberate The Hostname tool referenced in the following #tutorial.

Thank you for the direction, you are right. The BigCommerce Cloudflare records were overriding the new account A records. I found this tool to be useful in reclaiming the hostname:
It took about 5 minutes to edit the DNS records on the new domain account, liberate the hostname, and reset the records to the new Cloudflare page rules.

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