Help intpreting API solve rate in Turnstile

I’ve just implemented Turnstile on a form that will only return data if it passes the Turnstile verification. Using the invisible widget.

My API solve rate looks to be 8%. Does this mean most of my users are just sitting on the page and not submitting the form? What’s a good way to check that I’ve implemented this properly?


That means 93.24% of visitors that faced a turnstile captcha, solved it.

The API solve rate means that out of all the valid solves, 8.84% were verified using siteverify.

Attackers can forge or replay tokens, thats why you want to hit siteverify to ensure that the tokens being sent are legitimate.

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Oh ok thanks. So not every submit goes to the siteverify backend?

Or are you saying not every person will submit the form, but the widget will be attempting to solve, so if they bounce from the page before submitting, that drives the API solve rate down.