Help in getting mail delivered

Hello members,
Please I sincerely need help resolving this issue of email not getting sent or delivered after migrating to cloudflare. I have contacted my hosting support and they told me they have purged my cache. I have also read tutorial on this issue but I don’t know what am doing wrong. The setting given to me by namecheap which is my host, i tried creating on cloudflare but got error that it already existing. What am I doing wrong, please I really need help because I am stuck here.

One issue that stands out is CNAMEing your DKIM record. It should be a TXT entry.

Cloudflare doesn’t proxy SMTP, POP3 or IMAP so all of the mail related records should be :grey:

I will see to that but I doubt if I use smtp,pop etc.

Perhaps just start with the record labeled mail then.

I am getting a notification icon alert upon trying to do this that my IP will be exposed if I greyed it out. Look at attached picture

Indeed. If your mail server is on the same box as your website that is certainly the case. However, Cloudflare doesn’t proxy non-https protocols. So the records need to be :grey: in order to work. If it is important to hide the origin IP address of your web server you should move other services to a different server or service provider.

ok. I will check if this works then later I will move to another email provider instead of using my server email

I think mails have started working but with a con of exposing my IP address. Can I move my mail to a third party email provider and do the same configuration? Thanks in advance for response