Help, I'm seeing too many redirect issue

Please help me, I’m seeing too many redirect issue

This happened after I updated my DNS records.

I initially got an error 1000 DNS points to prohibited…

But I found out that some of the A records in my DNS are pointing to a cloudflare ip.

Then I deleted all, and only added the original ip address of the server

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Check out:

This is usually caused by your SSL/TLS Mode being “Flexible” when it should be “Full (Strict)”. You can find this setting in the Cloudflare dashboard, within your website, under SSL/TLS → Overview, or via this magic link: Set it to “Full (Strict)”, and then see.

If it persists, please check out the troubleshooting guide for too many redirects above and provide the broken url you get the error on (you may need to escape it with [.]).


Ok thank you.
It worked immediately I changed the ssl to full strict


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