Help! I'm in over my head re: DOH on MacOS & haven't a clue what I've done in Terminal

Hello Cloudflarer’s!

I am a complete noob, not a developer and realized how little I know about working in Terminal on OS X. I fear I have done such damage to the basic security of my Mac and my home network while trying to setup DOH! for the added security benefits using this CF Developer link

I royally messed up as i didn’t read thru it to see it assumes you know certain programming basics, which I really don’t.

If I could possibly talk to someone and explain what I did/did not do and send over the error outputs Im getting, that would be so appreciated. And also if there is a way to just go back to nothing but the basics of putting etc into my DNS settings page and leave it at that as I have no business messing with things I do not understand. Call it a momentary lapse of reason?

ANY help, even shaming and making fun of the mess I created on my Mac would be welcomed! I’m really just looking for an " uninstall " of all the half-arsed commands I copied pasted and ran. Woe is me!

Thanks for listening!

haha awesome! Running commands way above my knowledge level is literally how I launched a 30 year career in IT/ Technology. So happy to help you roll back or fix it if I can (disclaimer: It is Friday at 7PM local so I may have a beer open).

Did you run this command?

sudo cloudflared service install

If so, do you happen to have the output? If you didn’t get this far, rebooting will probably ‘fix’ everything as nothing was permanent.


If you did get this far…

sudo cloudflared service uninstall

Will undo that bit (may still need a reboot). Or we can try to debug any errors you might have encountered and translate issues to plain(er) English.


Hi cscharff,

Thank you for the reply! Yes I did get past the install command in Terminal and I verified that it was in fact installed.

But oh did I do so much more! I got lost when it says " Start the DNS proxy on an address and port in your network ". I had no idea what this address could be or should be not what port. Might as well been my street address lol. So I continued on and ran:

I got a few of the output lines matched but followed by ERROR PORT IS ALREADY LISTENING (?)

I ran the kdig command as well and got close but not identical output as given.
Then I was totally lost at Step 5 and kind of ignored it but pasted any command given thereafter hoping for the best. Haha.

I even added to my DNS servers but got terrified and put my router IP back in. Ouch.
Let’s see I also installed Homebrew which may or may not have already been there. I also have knot-resolver remains from trying another procedure I found here a few months back.

I done messed up huh? :frowning:

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