Help! I whitelisted all CF ips, still not able to pass error 522

Hi everyone!

I am trying to get to my site via Cloudflare but I am unable to do it. I reached out to my hosting support several times, I added all A and Cname records from the hosting in the Cloudflare dns settings. and whitelisted all Cloudflare ips and still not able to access the site.

The hosting provided say they can access it from their end, and there must be a problem in Cloudflare config.

What am I missing?

Many thanks in advance for the replies!

The hosting provider may have been using their own DNS to connect to your site. They should see something in their logs showing the attempted connections.

What’s the domain?

Hey thanks for the reply. It´s

I cannot access it or either where WP installation is.

Where should they see that?


Assuming that your server’s IP address ends in 60 it would seem your webserver is simply not configured to support HTTPS. You’d need to contact your host about that.

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I didn’t install ssl yet. But will call them tomorrow about this… it is a pretty standard configuration what I need…

I cant tell whether a missing certificate is responsible for this or not (generally I wouldnt assume so), but fact is your server does not seem to listen on the HTTPS port and in this case Cloudflare cant connect.

SSL is active & the certificate is issued, you have a self-signed certificate on your origin. On the SSL/TLS app, if SSL is set to Flexible, can you set SSL to Full?

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