Help! I turned off Cloudflare now my website directs to illegal movie site and is offline


Good detail @Withheld, @endlessability, this means simply re-adding the domain won’t really help you, you need to contact bluehost in order to understand what prompted the change of name servers.

Edit - @endlessability, I see your ticket with support. Can you respond to the update you received and let them know you’re also active here and give them an update on any contact you’ve made with your registrar?

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Yes I am still speaking with bluehost technical support. They said it would be up in 24-48 hours though it is still not up. So I am back on tech support again.


Okay it’s working! Hooray. They fixed something with my URL. Thanks for the help everyone.


You really have to be persistent with BH when it comes to support or they’ll have you chasing your tail.

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