HELP! I lost all the DNS

Any one know how to fix it I lost all the DNS and the website can’t reach

One doesn’t just lose DNS records. What exactly did you do?

If you deleted them you should find them in your audit log.

I don’t see where the audit log is?

There’re no restore, so I need to add all of them by myself right?

There should be the records you deleted. If they are not you have to find them in some other way.

yes, there exactly my record but any way to re-add them?

The regular way how you add records on Cloudflare.

I just signup and cloudflare automatic add all off them

So is it in the audit log or not?

yes, still there

Then simply readd it.

cloud you tell me how ?

I really don’t know when I signup and change the dns the record auto added, OMG I’m going crazy

You said the record is in the audit log, so simply readd it.

okay, I got it, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

hey, are you still there I can’t access my website with he 1000 erro how do I turn it off

Then you readded the wrong address and added a Cloudflare IP address. You need to add the address of your host.

At this point it probably is best to remove the domain from Cloudflare, point it back to your host, and start the setup from scratch.

OMG, where should I start now?