Help! I hope I didn't make a mistake moving my domain to Cloudflare

I am trying to move a domain from Godaddy to Cloudflare.

I initiated the transfer from my CF account but it didn’t transfer. I followed the instructions given but I cannot change the name servers at GD. I called GD and they told me that I’m doing it wrong, that I must initiate the transfer first from GD. So I think I’m stuck.

I gave it another try and gave GD support my CF name servers but still no change. At lease GD has a number and will try to assist, but CF only emails me back on my ticker and says,

“Our team is currently experiencing higher than normal demand for support services which is causing delayed response to our customers. Please accept our apologies for the delay as we work through these requests as soon as we can.”

If I cannot complete the transfer I don’t need CF and will stick with GD.

I thought it was gonna be a quick and simple transfer process, but it is now 3 days and no change.

Can anyone advise?




Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m sorry that you’re experiencing issues. Can you please provide us with the domain you’re trying to add and the ticket number?

We look forward to your response.


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ticket: 3226928

Any resolution on this issue?

Hi @dea.har I see your ticket 3226928. Note that being active on cloudflare and a domain transfer to cloudflare registrar are two different things. From what I can see the site has never been active on cloudflare,

You cannot transfer a domain name to Cloudflare Registrar prior to the website being active on Cloudflare. What steps did you take to start a transfer?

At the moment, the site is not active and the nameservers need to be changed at godaddy to only the two shown on this page Once that is done and the site is using Cloudflare, if it can be transferred to Cloudflare Registrar it will appear

Right now, you have added the site to your cloudflare account, but the nameservers have not been changed. DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

:confused: I am not sure how you did that given the site is not active on Cloudflare. Can you describe the steps you took? I suspect you’ve added it to your account (I can verify that you have done that a few days ago), but it’s not yet active because the nameservers have not been changed at godaddy.

Can you share a link to those directions? I followed these directions when I used to use godaddy, Edit my domain nameservers | Domains - GoDaddy Help IN.


Hi @cloonan thanks for your response.

I’m trying to permanently move this domain from GD to CF. However I will not likely go through this again with 24 other domains I have at GD. It appears there’s no phone support so my site is down and I’m potentially loosing rev.

I cannot change the name servers at GD because the domain has a pending event. Even so, I don’t want to maintain any part of this domain at GD.

I don’t know wha to do other than follow the instructions I get from CF but it seems to be an endless loop between the 2.

Any help in getting this completed or undoing it and going back to GD would be appreciated.


Hi & sorry for the issues, can you contact godaddy and ask them to cancel the pending event and then change the nameservers? For a domain to be active on cf registrar, it needs to first be using cloudflare nameservers and active in your account.


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