Help! I did something dumb!

I transferred a new client’s domain name to me, and figured I would get their dns set up on our Cloudflare too and then I could use a subdomain to build their new site. Done it a hundred times before. This time, they were already on a Cloudflare account, didn’t think anything of it and proceeded as usual. Except their site went down. It took the Cloudflare ip instead of their host ip. No problem, i will just switch the nameservers back to what they were before and all will be back to normal. Except that was yesterday and it still is showing the Error 1000 ## DNS points to prohibited IP.
I have deleted it completely from our account, so there would be no conflicts. If you look it up in mxtoolbox, it has both sets of nameservers though, which i don’t understand because there is only the two in the registrar account.
Does anyone have any insight for me? I am at a loss.

That domain is currently set to use the Igor and Serena name servers. Which ever Cloudflare account has those two name servers assigned, as shown in the DNS page, needs proper DNS records for that site.

If you’re not sure what those DNS records should be, go back to the webhost and compare their A, CNAME, etc. records.

p.s. I think those are the two. It looks like you recently changed them, but Igor/Serena seem to be the ones in charge.

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You should either a. add the zone back to your account, get the appropriate DNS entries from the zone owner to host it in your account or have the zone owner add the zone/domain back to their own account. It was removed from Cloudflare account A when Cloudflare account B added the zone.


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I don’t understand that. They are set to jerome/rita

That is the problem. They can’t get ahold of their current web guy to get the right settings. That is why i just wanted to switch it back to jerome/rita. but it won’t take for some reason.

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