HeLp! I am receiving redirected traffic from Google, Bing and Other sites

Hey all,

I’m worried about traffic that I have been receiving today and I like to figure out how i can stop this traffic…

This traffic is being redirected to my site from a number of sites, and also traffic that looks to be coming straight from Google / Bing.

I don’t think this is any type of attack or spam, however think this could be a CDN or DNS issue.

you can see here an example here where the root domain is sometimes sending traffic to my site -

The London server is sending traffic to my site :

However the Canada site is sending traffic to their own site:

This traffic is coming from various pages (have attached logs), and is also going to pages that does not exist on my site.

I can see that they are using Cloudflare for their DNS, and also the redirect is a 301, when it is coming from their homepage in this example. And also this one site, is also using Ezoic CDN.

I think this issue has also raised a flag on my adsense which has now been limited…

I’ve raised a support ticket with CF and Ezoic, however this is super strange and would appreciate any advice on what steps i can take? (noted I have already contacted the owner of this one site…but there are other sites which do not have contact details).

I would like to understand what steps i need to take to stop this traffic urgently.

below are also a couple of the pages show my 404 error logs showing and traffic going to pages that do not exist on my site.

Thx for your time reading through my request.