Help! I am not getting any emails!

HI there, my website used to be with Wix and the domain name registered through them as well.

A few months ago, I switched my domain to GoDaddy and my site to Kajabi.

I am currently unable to receive emails from [email protected] which was also transferred to GoDaddy.

I was in touch with their support and they said that I need to reach out to you to be able to switch/add? DNS records for my email, as right now I am not getting access to do that within the GoDaddy.

I have tried to login with the email [email protected] but your site wants to send me a verification code, that I can’t access but I can’t get ANY email on that address.

Hello there,

Are you using Cloudflare for DNS management service?

The domain has no MX records. This means that no way for sending mail servers to know what recipient mail server they should use for delivering email.

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This is not my forte.
I was told by GoDaddy that Wix had the DNS with Cloudflare. And because the email is/was the same, I am unable to change the DNS from within GoDaddy right now.

The domain is registered with GoDaddy. And the email was activated through them as well. So why are they sending me here?

They said they couldnt change the DNS, that it had to be done by Cloudflare (?)

@naty.howard Well, have you purchased email facility from GoDaddy? Its a additional service. If you don’t have one, then, absolutely you can’t receive any.

yes I did purchase the additional email service from them, prior to closing the Wix website and email service.

But because the email is the same as it was with Wix, it seems there is a DNS issue. Which, I am not clear on.

I am trying to reach out to tech support for Clourflare and it has been extremely difficult. If I could just speak or chat with someone from the tech support about it, it may be resolved easily.

You aren’t likely to engage with Cloudflare support and there isn’t really anything they can do to help you in this situation anyway. Thankfully, you don’t need any assistance from Cloudflare. Your domain is registered with GoDaddy, and your problem can be easily resolved by updating your domain’s registered nameservers at GoDaddy and adding the necessary records. Just use the GoDaddy provided nameservers right now for expedience and convenience.

Be aware that in changing your nameservers, you will likely disrupt traffic to your website if you don’t know the IP address of your origin server. The IP addresses returned for your domain are currently Cloudflare proxy IPs.

Once you have the required MX records in place, you should be able to receive the code necessary to access to your Cloudflare account. The first thing you should do is generate and securely store a set of one time codes for emergency access. I also strongly recommend using a better multi-factor authentication mechanism than emailed codes. A TOTP code generator like Google Authenticator, Authy, Duo Authenticator, or similar is considerably more robust. If you have a Yubikey, that’s an even better option.

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Thank you.

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