Help! (HSTS) Has made my website inaccessible

Hello everyone,

I wanted to try out (HSTS) on my wordpress ecommerce store.
But after I activated it, my website became inaccessible, now how can I fix and recover my HTTPS website?
I don’t understand why it didn’t work I have HTTPS with Comodo installed on my website from Bluehost.
Anyhow, I have now deactivated (HSTS) via and I still can’t access my website.

Please, can anyone help to rest or fix my wordpress website?

Thanks in advance.


Your website is presently down because of a problem with the SSL cert on the backend. Make sure you have your SSL level set to either ‘flexible’ or ‘full’ (but not ‘strict’).

As for HSTS… that’s kind of what it’s for. You cannot ‘fix’ this for people who have visited your site. However a user can manually ‘fix’ it themselves if they choose to remove the HSTS info for your site in their browser. For example, in Google Chrome type ‘chrome://net-internals’ into the address bar and hit enter, then select HSTS in the menu on the left. Put your domain name in the ‘delete domain’ field and hit delete. This will remove the HSTS data for you and you’ll be good to go as if it were never set.

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Hi Saul,

Thank you, I set the SSL level to full and now it’s working fine.

I also deleted the domain in chrome.

Great stuff, Saul.


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