Help- How to manage DNS records in Cloudflare under 'DNS' tab?

When I click on DNS tab in Cloudflare, I can see the message 'Your DNS zone file is hosted by Hostinger, a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website. It is Ok. I can understand that.

But, if I want to manage DNS records in Cloudflare under ‘DNS’ tab instead of Hostinger, a Cloudflare partner, what setting should I go for and how to implement it correctly?

I mean if in some other day I shift from Hostinger to other hosting company, I think managing DNS records in Cloudflare is a better option. And please let me know your suggestion also about this.

Thanks & Regards,

I agree with your concerns. You would first have to fully disconnect your Cloudflare setup at Hostinger, then go through the +Add Site process here.

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