HELP! How to find what account holds your domain!

This might make me sound crazy but I’m trying to remove a domain from my account and I can not find it. I have two Cloudflare accounts and I’m nervous a team member may have created a third one for this domain. Said team member is gone and I’ve disconnected the domain from cloudflare inside GoDaddy but I still need to delete it in cloudflare but I have no idea of how to do that!?

The domain is Please help!

It sounds like it’s not going to matter, as the domain is going through GoDaddy. There are two things to consider:

  1. That domain was added to Cloudflare through GoDaddy. In which case, you can’t do anything from this end.
  2. That domain was set up here, but it’s no longer using Cloudflare and will eventually be purged from the system for not using Cloudflare’s name servers.

Is something broken?

Does one of your Cloudflare accounts assign the nameservers derek and linda to its domains? If so, thats most likely the account where the domain should be listed.

But as @sdayman already wrote, it shouldnt really matter. The domain doesnt go via Cloudflare any longer anyhow and because of that Cloudflare will eventually drop the configuration on its own.

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