previously i have a cloudflare plugin in my cpanel with my old hosting thats why that was easy to add my website on cloudflare but now i changed my hosting provider and they havent a clouadflare plugin in there cpanel thats why i dont know how can i add my website on cloudflare and if i changed my domain name server will it make a problem with hosting or no because i will change hosting nameservers with cloudflare name servers

You can add your site to Cloudflare yourself and change the nameservers, it should not create an issue with your hosting as long as you make sure that all the DNS records are correctly copied across to Cloudflare.

My website already added from the previous hosting provider but my question is my domian has the name servers for hosting … are you say to me to remove the hosting name servers from my domain and cahnge it to cloudflare name servers on my domain Do not you think that will cause a problem !!!

As long as all the DNS records are correct then changing your nameservers to Cloudflare should not cause a problem.

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