HELP- How do I setup Email Forwarding?


Can anyone point me in the right direction with the following…Here’s the background…

I have a Click Funnels account that I recently opened. I purchased a domain through Click Funnels. I could not get the domain name to verify. After checking YouTube I saw numerous videos that said it is best NOT to get your domain through Click Funnels. Okay no problem. Namecheap came up many times so I purchased a URL through them.

I tried to get this new domain address to verify through Click funnels and it would not. Back to YouTube. I found a video that showed me how to get your domain (mine is to verify in Click Funnels. Based on the comments from the person in the video, this appears to be a common issue.

I followed the steps (which now introduced Cloud Flare into the picture) and much to my amazement it worked. My domain I added in Click Funnels is now secured. It doesn’t say Verified it says Secured. Whatever the difference is I don’t know but it looks like it passed.

My next step was to Integrate SendGrid into my funnel at Click Funnels which (of course) failed.

I realized I had not set up a valid email address so I went to Namecheap to set up Email Forwarding. I would like to have the email [email protected] forward to my AOL email.

I found out that because my davidvaccaromusic points to Cloudflare my option to set up Email Forwarding is no longer available. It’s only available with Namecheap’s paid email services. They said I had to set up my Email Forwarding via Cloudflare.

I could not find a video for this and I am not networking savvy enough to even know what questions to ask. I think once I get this setup with an email that works the SendGrid Intergration on ClickFunnels will work.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


David Vaccaro

Cloudflare does not process or host email. You need a mail server in your DNS records, just as you do with any other host. Just make sure your mail server records are not set to :orange:.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve not done any of that. No MX records etc. I will review the Tutorial and let you know.

Thanks so much.

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