Help! How do I set up email forwarding with custom name servers (Google Domain)

I have set up email forwarding within my Google Domain but was told by Google support that I need to add the records to the DNS settings within Cloudfare. How do I do this?

Hi @nelhonorata,

You will need to add the Google Domains MX records to the DNS panel in Cloudflare. You will need to get these from Google.

Thanks domjh! I got them from Google and added the MX records in Cloudfare. The email forwarding is still not working though? Any other advice before I contact Google again? Thank you.

No problem :slight_smile:

Can you post a screenshot of the MX records you added, and if you can, your domain name so we can check that they look OK?

Sure, here they are.

The domain is

Hi. I got the email forwarding to work and I receive emails from the forwarded email addresses. Do you know if it is possible to reply using the same email addresses and if so how do I set this up?

This is an old tutorial from a while ago. I don’t really recommend it any more (see vid description), but yes, it is possible.

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