HELP! How do I resume installing a Flexible SSL Certificate

I stopped installing a Flexible SSL Certificate because didn’t know name of server and web host wasn’t available. Server may be SL-508–not sure–but how do I resume where I left off, after copying text to paste on server? If SL-508 isn’t correct, I can contact the web host.

Not sure what you are referring to. The HTTPS certificate is generally automatically issued. Whats your domain?

I was following instructions for the free Flexible SSL and had copied text to post on the web server. I couldn’t find the name of the server and had to stop the installation. Now I get a message that it has mixed something and is in a loop (because installation wasn’t finished?).
I just went to the website and saw that the headers are all gone. What happened?

Hi @southeastlows, I just visited the site and ssl is enabled, the cert is issued and the page loads, but with mixed content issues. (in Chrome, look for & click small shield to see the mixed content errors associated with script calls)

If you click the shield and click load unsafe scripts, I suspect you’ll find your missing headers. Search mixed content on this site and you’ll find lots of resources on how to fix.

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I went back to the SSL instructions from Weaver. I stopped following those and started following Cloudflare instructions when I encountered the problem. Weaver instructions says I should install the Cloudflare plugin and Cloudflare Flexible SSL plugin. Will this solve the mixed content and header issues or will it just cause more problems?

I’m not familiar with the plugins, but doubt they’d address mixed content. On the SSL/TLS app, you have an option for Automatic https rewrites, if you’re making a call using http, that will switch it to https…for everything but css and javascript calls. So, I think you’ll need to find those and manually change them to load properly. I think the best path is fix mixed content, get site to a steady state, research what benefits you think the plugin will give you and then decide if you need them. But, I’d start by looking at the last three bullets in this weaver article, it’s a nice summary of how to address your mixed content issues.

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No Weaver article link was included, but I had already installed the 2 Cloudflare plugins. Doing it did restore all the Headers. I couldn’t find where I saw the mixed content message, but I will look at at the SSL/TLS app and see if I see it again.

Sorry, here you go, is a good article,

If you use google chrome developer tools, you can see the mixed content errors in console view. I just went to the site to share a screen shot of the errors and am no longer seeing the issue :slight_smile:

That was the article I used, and it told me to install the 2 plugins. I also went to General Settings and changed the URLs to https. Now I see I should change Cloudflare settings to Automatic HTTPS Rewrites. Thanks for letting me know you no longer saw the mixed content issue. I didn’t know how to look for it.

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