HELP! - how can I found out who is hosting my website?

Please can anyone help let me know how to find out the A records set up for my website? I need to know who is the IP owner of this domain to be able to contact whomever is hosting my website (I don’t know). My website is stuck, I don’t know who hosts it. To update it I need an email address of a person that is no longer in use… if anyone can assist I’d be grateful.

Cloudflare cannot tell you who your host is. You can try to run a whois query on the IP address, but that does not necessarily give you the host either. Check your invoices, but only you can know who your host is.


I have no invoices. I’ve seriously not got any invoices from anyone in my accounting system - even my book keeper is mystified why it’s still up and running. I at my wits end!

Then you can only go through your documentation and try to find any access credentials. Again, try to run whois, but that does not necessarily give you the host.

Thank you Sandro. I really appreciate you making time to reply.

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