Help, having issues Clrawler Hints / IndexNow

My understanding of CouldFlare’s Crawler Hints / IndexNow was twofold, ping website latest content changes and bandwidth mitigation.

However, that has not been our experience, in fact quite the contrary. Thus, we were forced to quickly disable this Cloudflare option until the problem we encountered could be address.

Couldflare’s Crawler Hints (IndexNow) is sending Bing anything it can find on our servers.


  1. Data that has not been updated over a year, nor has nothing to do with content (e.g.: *.ico, *.woff, *.woff2, *.ttf, *.eot, etc.).

  2. Private data that was not meant to be shared with publicly, fortunately not sensitive (e.g.: *.pdf, *.csv, *.txt, etc.).

Our eCommerce website’s only interest is to notify search engines of new and or updated category and product content pages. Not template changes, etc.

Is there a ways to remedy this, or will we need to develop an in-house that will work with out eCommerce platform that only posts category and product content pages?

Thank you.

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