Help ! Getting Spammed by Mobile Robots Traffic

Hello, i would like to ask for some help regarding a problem with spam. Here is what happens in short words, im the owner of a wordpress website. and starting a few days ago i started to see TONS of traffic coming from all over the world with tons of ip and "user agents" all traffic is mobile. As far as i can tell he is spamming only a few of my pages. The strange thing is that i dont see the views in my wordpress statistics i can only see that i get that traffic trough google analythics.

I don`t there robot is loading the entire page but only some ode of it including my google analythics code, this is why i can only see the traffic there. I can see the spam in Aw Stats in Cpanel. Also i can see the amount of requests i get in my Cloudflare Dashboard.

I need some help to stop this madness, my google analythics stats are messed up, i`m getting around 10k hits per day from those bots.

Here is i have tried, i have banned like 50 IP`s still the same, i have blocked some "user agents " that he uses in my Cloudflare but still he pumps fake traffic. I have activated under attack but still he manages to pass around that.

I really need some info on how to stop this, any bit of information is more then welcome, anyone who knows about this please fell free to chat.

Thank you, have a good day!

When it comes to Spamming, I go with Akismet. It does a pretty good job of keeping that down. You can also set WordPress to Moderate comments: Settings -> Discussion -> Comment must be manually approved OR Comment author must have a previously approved comment.

It`s not about comments or anything like that, i only get flooded with fake traffic from those bots. They just keep on refreshing those pages resulting in tons of traffic generated into Google Analythics. i need to block them somehow.

You can try a security plugin such as WordFence to block fake Google bots with Rate Limiting.

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