Help getting my domain name i paid for for 5 years ! hosted by cloudflare?


i used to host with this website! the disappeared and now i cant get my domain back can someone help me figure out what happened? how to get my website back???


You mean you hosted with and your domain is is registered since 2014 and is currently with Namecheap. If you do not have access to Namecheap’s control panel you will need to contact them and clarify the situation. You will have to provide proof that you are the rightful owner.

That issue is not Cloudflare related however and there is nothing anybody here could do.

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thank you very much! i have contacted them but im not getting any emails to get my password, and i think has it going to their email or something? i dont know ugh


It all depends on who the registrant/owner of the domain is. Only Namecheap can help you in this case and if you cant reset your password there is a good chance you dont even have an account with them. Simply wait until they respond to the message you sent them.

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okay , thanks for everything hopefuly i can get is back. What do you think happened to


I dont know that site, so I cant tell. It could be anything from temporarily unavailable to gone for good.

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