Help getting access to my domain

Hello! Recently a vendor we use to host a website changed their servers and we needed to update our A record on our domain. The problem is that the person who registered the domain passed away a few years ago. I found some notes that make me think that the domain was registered with cloudflare or a company that cloudflare acquired. I need to get access to the domain, but I am not sure where to start. I contacted cloud flare support and they directed me to this community. Can anyone tell me who I need to contact or what I need to do to figure this out?


What’s the domain?

Are you sure? That domain doesn’t exist.


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It looks like the domain is registered at Cloudflare as well, so that’s a few extra hurdles.

I’m hoping your email still works for that domain. If so, send a message to support AT cloudflare DOT com explaining the situation. If your email doesn’t work, you can send from some other address.

You’ll get an auto-reply and the ticket will probably close, but post the ticket # here so they can follow up here.

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You go it…

OOPS! Typo - It’s Should have 2 "L"s in

I will email support and see if I can get some help. You have been very helpful. I have been trying to figure out if it was cloudflare that was the registrar. I appreciate your help and will let you know if I can get this resolved.

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Please post the ticket # from the reply email so we can push this along.

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