Help forwarding any page from domain A to a landing page on domain B

Hey there, I seem to be running into issues when I try to redirect a subdomain that I am no longer using to a landing page on my main domain.


I’d like to easily create a rule that will direct any of the above pages to this target:

I’ve tried this in Page Rules and Redirect rules without success. I then learned that Page Rules wouldn’t deploy if the domain isn’t proxied, so I tried to add the subdomain to my DNS. I think this is where I am going wrong. I’ve followed several tutorials and help requests here in the community, and I still don’t know what to add as the “content” … I’ve tried and a few others I’ve found in tutorials but none work.

That is correct. Any proxied record works, really, but best practise is to use an AAAA record with value 100::

After that, create a Redirect Rule with Hostname equals and Static Redirect to