Help for IP capture

Use the CDN on a Wordpress website.
With plugins, I was able to capture the GEOIP of each access but also the IP address.
However, when switching to CDN, plugins no longer work, it is plausible not to work at all.
My question is whether it is possible to activate any function here for capturing IP’s.
I just found geolocation to know which country you are accessing.

I use Hostinger hosting with LiteSpeed technology.
But I don’t know how I can activate it, even if I get into the topic you mentioned.
Apparently you have to activate a “mod_cloudfare”.
Can you help me?
It is an hPanel (something similar to cpanel).

There are specific instructions for the LiteSpeed web server on the linked page. If you can’t find it in your control panel, you should contact your hosting support for help finding it.

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