HELP! - Domain, Tunnel and dns

I need help configuring a tunnel correctly.

I have a domain that I bought at Hostinger and I want to use it in a local application (home pc) with cloudflared tunnel.

I can use the random subdomain (cloudflared tunnel --url localhost) without problems. However, I want to configure it to use my domain in this tunnel.
The problem is: I point the domain to Cloudflare, but how do I do the rest of the configuration?
The domain has nothing, no A, AAA or CNAME.
How to configure to use it in my tunnel?

I’ve already looked for tutorials on youtube but none of them give me the answer, they always point out the domain and it goes straight.
I want to use tunnel to host a service on my “local server”, but I have no way to configure port forwarding, so I’m using Cloudflare.

Here are the docs for getting started with a tunnel.

Followed the tutorial.
I’ve watched some videos, but it’s still having problems.


I would check to see if the requests are making it to cloudflared and check out this guide ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED using cloudflare nameservers - #3 by cloonan

I redid all the steps and I’m getting a great result.

I believe I was missing the http and https port.

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