Help! Domain showing blank page!

I have 3 domains with Cloudflare SSL certificates. All domains should point to the main website however one is opening as a blank page. Can someone pls help and explain to me how i get the domain to redirect correctly to the main website rather than a blank page. the other domain seems to work and redirect fine without any rule. I have tried a redirection rule on the ‘blank one’ but its still not working.
Thanks in advance.

How is the proxy certificate relevant here? You do have a certificate on your server anyhow, right? If not, you need to fix that first. What’s the domain?

Hi Sandro, the domain thats showing a blank page is maxxartdotcom, I think originally it had a cloaked redirection to my website…but since i added the cloudflare ssl cert and changed the name servers it now goes blank. i tried a redirection rule but it still doesnt work…thanks

Can you pause Cloudflare and verify that your site loads without Cloudflare?

i get an error code 20083 expression is invalid, filter parsing error, when i try a redirection rule…

The domain is not paused yet.

i will try and pause cloudflare…thanks

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after pausing cloudflare and typing in the website i get a risk warning from firefox etc and when i accept it etc it still shows a blank page…

Right, that’s exactly because you do not have said certificate on your server

As mentioned

Keep Cloudflare paused until your site loads fine on HTTPS. Then you can unpause.

Alternatively, if you just want to redirect to that .uk domain, you can completely ignore the server configuration and follow exactly the archived content at Deprecated - Redirecting One Domain to Another.

ok thanks for your quick response…so you are saying i need to purchase an ssl certificate on my server? then i can use cloudflare ssl certificate and then it will load fine…

ok i will try this…thanks so much fot your info.

You always need a certificate on your server, whether that is paid or free is up to your preference of course.

If you just want to redirect, you won’t need a certificate though, as there won’t be a server. You will need a certificate for the other domain however.

And I am afraid there is no valid certificate for your .uk domain either, so that site is still insecure and without encryption.

Really…so although the lock appears on the .uk website because of the Cloudflare ssl, its still not secure??

Correct, because your server is not secure.

so i actually need to purchase a certificate from my server/hosting company first?

That or one of the other available certificate options.

ok thanks Sandro, in the meantime any idea how i can redirect without getting the parsing error 20083 pls?